Why choose The Festus Group?

The Festus Group began in January 2002. Our business model is to provide, sales, consulting and training services to companies interested in predictive analytics and business intelligence solutions. Our company has spent the better part of the past 15 years delivering Cognos Analytics training to over 600 companies. In 2019 we're expanding our practice to offer report migration services as well as data analytics services where we help clients small and large make sense of their data.

How do we help?

We teach people how to become problem solvers using data. We show them how to make data available to others in the most accurate and useable fashion possible using the technologies they already own.

We teach business users the skills required to be self-sufficient in developing reports on their own.

If your company owns a dashboarding or report authoring tool, you can engage with us to learn best practices in solving problems using data.

If your company needs help migrating Cognos reports you can contact us at info@thefestusgroup for more information.

If your company owns Cognos Analytics, we provide modeling and report authoring training, click the link below to request a course.

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